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Hi, my name is Neil. For over 17 years I have been a top-producing real estate agent and have sold more than 800 homes. I’ve decided to channel my passion for real estate and helping others succeed into coaching and hosting the top-rated real estate podcast Agent Rise. My goal is to help YOU embrace your talents and strengths to help YOU become a better agent.

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  • 5
    Neil gives from the heart. He knows the business as he’s been [at] it through the good and the bad times. He can provide you with some great insights, as he keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry. And he is the reason many people smile today.
    C Ray Brower
  • 5
    Without Neil's coaching, I would be so much further behind in my career. I connected with Neil in 2016 and joined his coaching program in 2017. Neil's approach to coaching was extremely helpful for me, as I was able to throw "shiny objects" to the side and focus on the basic foundations of being a successful agent. I am grateful for his guidance and his friendship and believe any agent can succeed with Neil's coaching!! Thanks for everything Neil Mathweg!!!
    Rory Pitts
  • 5
    Love the transparency and the fact that Neil is a practitioner. He teaches what he has been through and freely shares for anyone willing to take the time to listen to his free content on the podcast etc! Lots of nuggets!
    Taylor Hirst
  • 5
    Agents/Brokers there is a better way and Neil has it! Put clients first, attract don't chase, challenge the status quo, and learn how to enjoy your life and your career. This is genuine, real stuff about more than just real estate. Subscribe now!
    Firehill Properties
  • 5
    Neil helped me so much with my business that I would not be where I am today without his coaching! He does amazing business and is a great person and friend to just have a conversation with. Highly recommend him, his training and his Onion Juice podcast! You will see results
    Kayla Elding
  • 5
    Neil has helped me greatly with my business. I struggled with some family issues that impacted my business. Neil helped get me back on track. Not only is he a great coach, he’s an amazing person. He still owes me some Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese though.
    Dean Ouellette
  • 5
    Neil has great ideas for outside the box marketing. He is genuinely interested in helping other real estate agents grow and is generous with sharing the tools of the trade that have helped him become a high level performing realtor.
    Shannon Francis

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